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Jobs Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland. Job vacancies abroad in various fields, depending on the level of English proficiency and work experience. Job seekers without a knowledge of English is...


Transport, ekspedicija-Ref, tent, ADR-EU-Rossija, Kazahstan, Pribaltika, Skandinavija


Timber trade - sawtimber and roundtimber, pallets and pellets.


Wholesale and retail trade in various industries from Latvia


Exp/imp - petroleum products. grain. coal. marine \ river freight


Grāmatvedības kursi un semināri Profesionāli un pieejami! Visaktuālākās programmas grāmatvežiem!


Export/import, short BBD products, apparel export, wash powders, wash liquids export, foods and drinks.


Northway Baltic SIA is a European company that was founded in 2015, which specializes in selling various types of fuels. Our company specializes in purchasing and selling wooden, peat and biochar...


Perevozka, svoj transport, tamozhennij sklad v Rige


Transporta un noliktavas profesionālā loģistika Komerctransporta apkopes tehniskais centrs


A variety of services such as tax advice, legal services, advising on commercial law




Looking for loads from Latvia to Lithuania one way, best to Jonava, Kaunas, Vilnius directions. With tent trailer, platform, or barrel .. diffirent cargos we can deliver


Agrobalt Company




Beautiful wooden house, maximum comfort for your animal, both soundproof and thermal. ​ -Made in two layers of wood, and a layer of 2 centimeters of insulation (polystyrene or polyurethane) in...


Recruitment services, tourism, translations, legal services


Latvian company "All recycling" was established in 2006 as a company for processing and trading of non-ferrous scrap metals (previous name - "Dīlers Metāls"). In 2017 "All recycling" has adopted...


Koki transport


LTD "ALNUS" represents several European manufacturers in the Baltic States. Majority of our partners are German companies. Our expertise and extensive contact is the ground for the successful...

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