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25 24 Mar 2015

Jobs Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland. Job vacancies abroad in various fields, depending on the level of English proficiency and work experience. Job seekers without a knowledge of English is offered a job: — Factories and plants (production of packaging, packaging etc, butcher's meat plant...

0.0 30 Nov 2016

A variety of services such as tax advice, legal services, advising on commercial law

Alisanda Plus, SIA
0.0 21 Apr 2016

Recruitment services, tourism, translations, legal services

Artbuh, SIA
0.0 1 Feb 2020

Grāmatvedības kursi un semināri Profesionāli un pieejami! Visaktuālākās programmas grāmatvežiem!

0.0 18 May 2020

International installations and interior installation supervision worldwide

0.0 16 May 2019

Latvian-Swedish company, the main business is work force rent for "Langley Hotels and Resorts" hotel network in France - receptionists, housekeepres, chefs, waiters, bartenders.

0.0 14 Sep 2016

Fitness sievietēm, fitnesa klubs FitCurves, Rīga , Vienības gatve 109

0.0 9 Sep 2016

Customer service, data entry, processing, route planning, marketing, new customer acquisition, sales of both Latvian and new markets in the World.

0.0 19 Dec 2017

The Credit rating company IGK credit management is a part of the holding IGK AG (Germany) which operates in the Baltic states and in the CIS countries. The IGK brand is known in these countries since 1992. We have vast experience, our own know-how and technologies in the credit risk management...

0.0 11 Jan 2019

Visu veidu metinātāju un citu specialistu iekārtošana darbā Vācijā

0.0 20 Feb 2017

Education, we are involved in theological education, offering different degrees.

0.0 22 Sep 2016

Transport, logistics, warehousing, import/export, trading, B2B, B2C

0.0 10 Nov 2016

Wholesale, retail, representations, consultations, optimising.

0.0 9 Sep 2016

High-quality customer service, data entry, processing, route planning, marketing, new customer acquisition, sales of both Latvian and new markets in Europe and elsewhere.

0.0 22 Dec 2016

Skaistumkopšanas salons, solarijs, manikirs, friziera salons, transporta pakalpojumi.

Capitalija, SIA
-1.0 22 Jan 2017

Capitalija is a Europe localized company having office in different countries. It provides financial services of a high level and different other services related to financial actives of customers. Capitalija: Financing for companies

-1.0 22 Apr 2016

Business Consulting EU projects

-1.0 16 Mar 2016

Wholesale, cookware, celaning service

Print House 77, PS
-1.0 25 Nov 2019

Poligrāfijas pakalpojumi * Sietspiede * Folijspiede * Iepakojuma ražošana ( papīra maisi, kastes) * Izciršana * Ofsetdruka * Digitālā druka * Lielformāta drukā * Uv Laka * Maketēšana * Laminēšana * Dizaina papīra

24 17 Jul new

Good afternoon. A new smart shop has opened, where only the best products from around the world are presented. We give you the opportunity to promote and place your product on our platform and increase sales worldwide. The main feature is that the client receives all the ordered goods on our...

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