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FOOD UNION, Korporācija

Профиль компании
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Food UnionHR Specialist
Адрес компании
Baukas street 180
Baukas street 180
Регистрация:  8 июня 2022
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Деятельность компании

We are Food Union – artisans of delightful products loved by people from Northern Europe to China. Our global group of food companies relies on deep market insight, ongoing innovation and a genuine will to develop strong local brands and advance the wellbeing of our consumers.
We develop strong local brands of ice cream, dairy, pastry, convenience and frozen foods through heritage food companies in every market we operate in. At every step of product development we add value through innovation. Over time we have nurtured a strong passion for business intelligence: in order to be the food industry avant-garde, we gather market data, keep track of our product portfolio performance and closely observe consumer preferences when developing new and exciting products for our consumers to enjoy.

Численность 4000 чел.
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