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Полимеры смолы, компании в Огре

-1.0 28 авг 2017

Завод по производству труб PEX-A, PVC и полиэтиленовой тары.

В радиусе 40 км от Огре
Polistep, SIA
0.0 14 мая 2020

Company Polistep offer different kinds of two-component plastics, silicones, resins and other materials for different kinds of work or creative hobbies. Polistep is an excellent quality at the LOWEST PRICE in the Baltics, as well as fast delivery throughout Europe.

Sober Gorilla Consulting, SIA
0.0 10 ноя 2022

Sober Gorilla is specializing in consulting and trade of various goods of current market needs.

-1.0 13 дек 2015

Производственные отходы пластика- полиамид, поликарбонат, ПВХ.

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